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Seeking Ancestral Answers

Get to the core of the universal foundations of our collective ancestry.

Live in harmony


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What clients have to say:

Initially I was a bit wary of the legitimacy and effectiveness of an over the phone consultation, as my previous consultations had been in person, but whew what a session! Makhosi is a very warm soul who encouraged questions, conversation and engagement. We touched on all the areas which I had questions on , the session provided much-needed clarity for my path. And I would highly recommend! Makwande

Phumelele Chonco

One of the most empowering sessions I have ever had. Compassion, humor, honesty, accuracy and genuineness are just a few things I am able to out into words. UMakhosi is gifted, but so humble, gentle, but firm. I came away knowing what my next steps are , what to be mindful of, and with courage for my journey. Thank you so much

Barbara Mhangami

I had a great and informative session. Makhosi was patient, and ensured I understood her clearly.I really enjoyed my session.

Mokete Rabophala

As a first time consult, I was met with gentleness and led to an understanding of certain things by uMakhosi. She helped me understand that I have autonomy when it comes to myself and my spirituality, and it has changed my life and my understanding of my relationship with my ancestors. Makwande.

Esinako ndabeni

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