🌕✨ 22 August: A Lucky Blue Moon For Clearing

Siyakhuleka eMakhosini

It's the full moon will in Aquarius- again, happening in the 29th degree of the sun in Leo. The sun will be cycling into Virgo on the second and third day of the full moon. We read the moon according to the three days where it appears most full. So, those are the two days following the actual day, which is the culmination of its illumination in the sky.

As it is the sun’s last day in Leo, this means that we are peaking in our individuality and how we see ourselves. This may be perceived as “main character syndrome" but Leo, as the main character of the zodiac, is calling us to assess who we are.

As the last day in Leo means that Leo energy will be heightened, this gives us central recognition of ourselves. Now, in the context of the full moon happening in the sign of Aquarius, which is all about community and throwing convention to the wind, we look at how we best contribute to community. This is a beautiful juxtaposition of our individuality and how it impacts our community.

Being that it is a blue moon, it is the second time we have a full moon in Aquarius following the last full moon, we have the opportunity to manifest in this moon.

As we clear out what we do not want, it is also an incredible time to invite in what we want. This moon conjuncts Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. As Jupiter is currently retrograde, we can look at what does not serve our expansion: Cull it. Kill it from the herd and keep only what serves your expansion.This is a time to be assessing relationships, friendships, how these things serve us and what our role is.

We can introspect on that, and then put into place our intentions for how we want to expand in these spaces.

Venus is also in trine to Saturn.The energy of these aspects, along with Jupiter makes this shoot-your-shot season! Shoot your friendship shot, your work shot, your spiritual shot... It is that time when the energy of the royal is vibrating high because of Leo and Venus and their influence. Lean into your highest intentions for love! If you’re not in a relationship right now, that’s fine; it’s a beautiful time to frame what kind of relationship you want and set that intention.

If you are: lean into intimacy and have those heavier what-are-we conversations. This energy will give you enough support to get clarity and have either amicable endings or movement forwards, with Leo centring who you are in your community and Venus being in the space means it can go positively. Don’t be afraid to have those conversations right now.

With the moon cycling into Virgo on the second and third day, and as we consider Virgo to be the work aspect, this time is also about implementation. Set the highest intention for yourself, be as lofty as you want in your ambitions. There is follow through with this moon. Let the sun cycling into Virgo allow you to plan; not to just have ideas but to make real plans. It is fruitful to have clear intentions supported by the universe.

As much as you might feel highly emotional and like everything is a bit “me, me, me” right now, this is an opportunity for introspection. Take that energy and go inward; journal, do this round of Clearing Into Consciousness...But start with defining the intention you want to achieve from this round of Clearing Into Consciousness before we begin. Write it down: sit with what it is that you want to achieve out of doing this introspection. Refine it until you have exactly what you want to see. This moon has a lot of manifestation energy.

Yes full moons are for ending things. Let us end cycles that no longer work for us. Keeping in mind that for us on the African calendar, this is a time when we are actually preparing for the new year.

This is the last free round of Clearing into Consciousness: let’s use it as an opportunity to do that last house-clearing before we begin with the process of manifesting with the new moon that will be in Virgo, and all the clarity that it will bring. Let’s clear out the clutter keeping us from the clarity right now. Let’s be ambitious with it because this moon encourages that. Jupiter is favorable in how it aspects this moon.

Let's enjoy this one. Let’s come together. We hope you’re able to join us in this final Clearing into Consciousness. This is now the 12th one we have done each month since September last year, so it has been a year of doing it in that manner. It has been an incredible journey to do this with you and we are so excited for what the next chapter will bring, and to hear what you clear through this cycle!


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