Can we dial it back for a second ask for your forgiveness for the ways we’ve let you down?

We’ve been trying our best, but it honestly hasn’t been enough this time. We had the best intentions but life brought more than we expected and we buckled, we tried to push through but the mistakes mounted.

So we’re here now, after taking time to reflect on everything and the consequences of these events on us and on you and we’re asking for your forgiveness and your continued support in our efforts to serve our purpose and we’re asking if we can start over with you.

We’re making changes, we’ve asked for guidance and for help, and for the most part, we’ve received it. And the first part of this guidance was that we ask for your forgiveness for any way in which we’ve let you down.

As Honey, I come to you after a year filled with overwhelming amounts of everything, blessings, lessons and misfortunes alike. Like you I’ve been trying to hold my life together through everything that is going on right now, and I’m asking as one person to another if you can still trust me in my work.

As uMakhosi Nomabutho I’m asking that if any part of you can extend compassion in response to this plea, that you please remember to extend the same compassion to yourself.

We’re all living through this unending chapter of history together, and yet alone. Alone in our struggles with illness, financial instability, personal safety and spiritual unrest. But as alone as we may feel in each moment, this is a collective experience. A collective trauma, and we owe ourselves an extension of grace in our consideration of how we’re managing our lives as we navigate this experience.

At the beginning of the pandemic in February of 2020, we at Sangoma Society made certain changes to the way we work. Ancestral guidance instructed around only doing virtual consultations and later on creating capacity for unemployed black South Africans to access help through the sliding scale; Ukuhlola ebuzimeni.

Later guidance came to make the work we do in our retreats freely accessible to anyone who feels called to it through the remote full moon retreat; Clearing into Consciousness.

By the time we reached the end of 2020 guidance came to make the work we offer through one on one coaching available through the online course Pivoting into Purpose.

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This gradual expansion of Sangoma Society’s offering has been better received than we could have possibly expected. It has all been done under guidance from the ancestors and that is where the credit is due.

Those whom have experienced changes in their lives by using the services and tools offered by Sangoma Society have their own ancestors to thank for their outcomes. We can only serve at the pleasure of our ancestors, and doing so remains a privilege that we value.

The expansion of Sangoma Society, me doing the work alongside each and every participant as a student of the work myself, whilst facilitating the work as uMakhosi Nomabutho, has changed my life exponentially in ways that I could never have imagined. I’ve been blessed, I’ve been surprised and also I’ve been overwhelmed.

We expanded our team to better facilitate for the needs of those who come to us, for consultations, treatments, and even our courses, and we tried our best. And our best yielded amazing results for us and for many others. But I’m afraid, there have been cracks in the recent weeks and it was necessary to step back in order to be able to come back stronger.

I imagine that your own life may have had its own ups and downs in this year. And if you’re still reading now I imagine that you still expect to be able to find guidance in what we offer. And for that trust I am grateful.

If you made an appointment that was postponed, you’ll receive an email with a new date for your appointment. If you didn’t pay for your appointment, you will be given an opportunity to do so in order for you to have your appointment rescheduled.

If you signed up for Clearing into Consciousness and you haven’t received access to the work, please forgive us. has been under construction and there have been glitches in the system that we’ve been working to address, we believe that all should be in order now, you should receive communication with regards to this as well.

And if at this moment you’re asking yourself, how to begin with the work of starting over with yourself. Right now, we’ve just passed the half way mark of 2021 we’re all faced with uncertainty and it’s hard to tell when it will end.

I’d like to invite you to write a letter of gratitude and forgiveness to yourself. Use this letter to acknowledge all the ways in which you have tried to survive. Acknowledge and thank yourself for every morning that you’ve woken up and faced your life, despite all of the challenges that the world is facing, you woke up today. That it itself is a blessing. You’re still trying, that is resilience. You’re still here, that is grace.

If it’s okay with you, I’ll check on again you this week, to find out how you’re doing and to let you know how to prepared or this full moon.

In the meantime, I hope you saw the live class I hosted my sister to help us all feel safer in our bodies in these uncertain times. If you missed it, you can catch the replay here.

I thank you for your grace, for reading this letter, for trusting me, for walking this journey with me.

And again I ask that you extend to yourself the grace you’ve extended to me.

Kudede ubunyama, kuvele ukukhanya

Makhosi EMakhosini

Makhosi Nomabutho