Moon Cycle Pack

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We know that our menstrual cycle can be emotionally distressing and physically painful. This pack is to help you have a gentler experience with your period; the products in it are chosen to help relieve the tension in your body and lift your spirits. Your period is a sacred time, and it will be around for a while, it would be beneficial to infuse some ritual into it and indulge yourself in a mixture of medicines that work to make your menstrual cycle less painful. You can also check out our video on menstruation here.
The pack contains the following:
-Goddess Bath Salt
A mixture of salts and other medicine to be used in your bath.
-Massage oil
You may use this oil to massage your whole body or the areas that are experiencing tension and it will ease it.
-Khanya Balm
This is a balm that has protective properties and will help balance your emotions and make you feel calmer and more rested.