Winter care pack

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In earnest, our Winter Care Pack is good for all the seasons as we are currently living in a pandemic. It has the essentials to help you cope with the distress and anxiety that this time can induce, while also having the appropriate medicine to help your body prevent or treat the illness; be it COVID-19 or the regular flu.
This pack contains the following:
-Intelezi yokucela - enough to make 50L (you only need about 5L at a time)
This is medicine with cleansing properties that is mixed to chase away different energies and entities. You use it for ukuchela in your house and your yard. You are also free to use it to clean your floors and other surfaces. Watch our Cleansing Spaces video to learn how to do this.
-Izinyamazane zokuqumisa (enough for 6 uses, you only need to use this intermittently)
Muthi that is burned to clear the air. You will need charcoal to burn this on  -iMphepho yokuphahla

You can find our video on iMpepho protocol here. Blended medicine used for regular ukuphalaza/ukugabha/purge. It is ideal for purging anything that
shouldn’t be in your body, whether it be something cursed or something physiological. Find our video on how to phalaza here.
-Winter steam (enough for 6 steams in case of illness)
This is a eucalyptus-based remedy to be used for steams when you find yourself ill and in need of a
-Mhlonyana based Winter Tea (Enough to make 6L: 3x2L)
Our family-sized, Mhlonyana-based winter tea is for boosting your immune system and helping you
prevent or treat COVID-19 and your regular flu. We give you the herbs so that you can make your own mbiza.